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Can I fail a drug test with CBD oil?

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Have you ever wondered if CBD can make you fail a drug test? All the question answered.

Numerous people are concerned about whether they can fail a drug test with CBD oil, especially with many news buzzing across the country relating to sports players, workers, and others who have faced positive drug test outcomes for the presence of THC – the psychoactive component of marijuana. To get to the bottom of how and whether you can fail a drug test with CBD oil, keep continue reading and for sure, you will get all the answers regarding CBD oil and drug tests.

The rise of CBD products and the fear of failing a drug test

CBD oil is an admired product for easing symptoms of numerous illnesses and even treatment of pain, migraines, epilepsy, sleeplessness, anxiety, etc.

Though, with the rise of CBD, there comes the worry about failing a drug test because of the plausible detection of THC in CBD products.
CBD (cannabidiol) is the key ingredient, present in CBD oil but it is definitely not the only one. The oil also has varying amounts of other substances and compounds, involving THC – the chemical compound in the CBD oil that will cause you to fail a drug test – to be precise, THC metabolites are the ones that are responsible for a failed drug test.

What are THC metabolites?

Metabolites are the intermediate end products of metabolism and have various functions including, stimulatory and inhibitory effects on enzymes, signaling, strcture, defense, fuel, interactions with other organisms, etc. THC metabolites are classified as a “secondary metabolites”, meaning that they are not directly involved in normal growth, development, and reproduction.

There are more than 80 different THC metabolites that are formed when THC is broken down in the liver – the most significant ones are 11-OH-THC (11-hydroxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and THCCOOH (11-nor-9-carboxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Those are the metabolites that are actually shown in the drug tests and stay in our system much longer than the THC itself. Both (THC and THC metabolites) are later excreted in urine and stool.

Here the major question arrives – what are the chances that CBD oil users will test positive when they are subjected to lawful drug testing?

Does CBD Oil Contain THC?

There are lots of different CBD products on the market that are made from CBD Isolate, full-spectrum extracts or broad-spectrum extracts – even though people are using synthetic cannabinoids for the production of “CBD products”, I don’t believe we can call them like that, so we would take them out of the account.

THC “free” products

As the name says, products that are made from CBD Isolate, contain only CBD (cannabidiol), and sometimes they have added terpenes for better effect. So in conclusion, products made with CBD Isolate shouldn’t in any way contain THC and with that kind of CBD oil, there is almost no chance to fail a drug test. How can I fail a drug test with CBD oil made from isolate? Or can you fail a drug test with CBD Isolate only? Is that even possible? We’ll get to that a bit later.

Broad-spectrum products contain a purified extract that shouldn’t contain any THC, but this is rarely the case. Why? It is almost impossible to completely purify THC from the extract, so there is a big chance that there will be some traces of THC left in it – although bellow the levels of detection. With that kind of CBD oil, there is always a small possibility to fail a drug test, especially or should I say mostly because there are a lot of mislabeled products on the market. Although there are reputable brands on the market that label their products correctly, it is always recommended to be careful when considering using broad-spectrum CBD products.

Full-spectrum CBD products that contain THC

Full-spectrum CBD products contain all the cannabinoids that the plant has (CBD, THC, CBN, CBC,…), including terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial compounds. With the legal limit of THC set to 0,2% or 0,3% (depending on where you are from and what is the legal status of hemp/CBD products in your country), there is always a chance that you can fail a drug test with CBD oil made from full-spectrum extract. Although full-spectrum offers us the biggest therapeutic potential and the widest range of benefits, people are still buying products made with CBD Isolate because it is more important for them to not fail a drug test.

Full-spectrum CBD oil user experience

“I had never used hemp/marijuana or any products made from it, and when I took full-spectrum CBD product (CBD oil) for a few days, I failed a drug test with CBD oil – although it had less than 0,2% of THC in it.”

Breafly on Cannabis

Cannabis is the main term relating marijuana and hemp plants – the two varieties of the cannabis genus. Both marijuana and hemp can be assumed as cannabis plants; but, it is very important to know that they still have major differences.

CBD is only one of many chemical compounds in the cannabis plants. The key difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp strains carry less than 0,2% or 0,3% of THC. This is the major reason that products made from hemp can be lawfully sold in most countries of the world. The cause of gaining momentum in the fame of CBD products is (besides all the benefits) because they don’t make you high – even with trace amounts of THC.

So, Can I fail a drug test with CBD oil?

A major concern people have is, that consuming CBD products can affect a drug test. While drug tests are not testing for CBD, but for THC, it can still happen that you can fail a drug test with CBD-only products.

THC drug test(s)

As THC metabolites are fat-soluble and stored in the fatty tissue, even trace amounts can emerge in a drug test, depending on the time and quantity of THC ingested and the type of test.
It is said, that in the body fluids, THC can be detected to up to 30 days, but with heavy users of large doses of THC, it can be detectable to up to 90 days.

Urine drug test

The presence of THC is most commonly tested with urine drug tests. They are proved to be the most accurate solution if we take the price into account. It depends much on what kind of user are you.

  • Occasional user: 3 days
  • Moderate user: 5 – 7 days
  • Chronic users: up to 30 days or more

Blood drug test

Blood testing is most commonly used in laboratories with the intention to determine the recent use of hemp/cannabis. THC test can be shown positive only within seconds after inhaling it. It is also said that with the blood drug test, the presence of THC is detectable for the shortest period of time. There are reports that state that the presence of THC wasn’t detected after 3 days, but in some cases, that period could be even longer than 25 days – it depends from person to person, and also, how regularly do you use THC.

Saliva drug test

As we mentioned before, drug tests are actually testing for THC metabolites, which are only present in saliva if the THC has been smoked or ingested – with rectal or vaginal use (if the data is accurate) there shouldn’t be any worries to fail a saliva drug test. The time window of detection of the THC metabolites is similar to the urine drug test – for the occasional user it is believed to be able to detect it to up to 3 days, for the chronic users, it can be detected to up to 30 days.

Hair drug test

Although this is the least common method for testing the presence of THC, it is the most efficient one. Some reports state that THC can be detected to up to 90 days, but of course there are some exceptions that contradict this statement (THC can be present much longer).

CBD drug test

While this kind of test actually doesn’t exist, CBD might actually be the cause for the failed drug test. Why? Some reports state that in some cases (very rarely) CBD can be the cause for the “production” of some THC metabolites in the stomach, thus resulting in the false-positive drug test. But on the other hand, some studies denied this. It’s still hypothetically possible for traces of THC metabolites to be contained in the stomach acid in the instance where CBD Isolate products are consumed.

Tricking the drug test

On the market you can find some “magic” urine cleaners that guarantee, that you won’t fail a drug test with it, but this isn’t always the case. Some might actually do the trick, but the majority of them are just a big hoax. While some prefer doing sports and consume large amounts of isotonic drinks for faster cleaning THC from the system, some try to detox themselves with green teas, others just like to wait and be 100% sure that they are “clean”.

Mislabeling the products

The second problem that we should be worried about failing a drug test, are the mislabeled products. CBD extracts from hemp are not supposed to contain any more than 0,2% or 0,3% of THC. Still, it’s not rare for retailers to (purposely) mislabel their products as THC-free, when in certainty, there is the presence of THC – in some cases even above the legal limit.

This brings a lot of scepticism for the customers who are interested in THC-free products, just for the sake of not failing the drug test with CBD oil.

Final thoughts

So, above are some of the reasons why people generally fail a drug test with CBD oil. If you don’t want to fail the drug test, then it is really important to get the products from a trusted source that are THC free. Although you might not fail a drug test even with full-spectrum CBD oil, it is always recommended to be careful and think if the benefits outweigh the risk of failing a drug test with CBD oil.

Author: L. O.


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