CBD and Covid-19

Can CBD prevent Covid? What about easing its symptoms?

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Covid took the world by surprise. In situations like these, researchers sometimes turn to nature for answers. This process has discovered that CBD is effective against covid in the proper doses. Keep reading to find out more.

Wondering if CBD can help to prevent Covid is only natural. The world has yet to recover from when News started filtering in about Covid 19 three years ago. In months, things went from uncertainty to a complete standstill as companies scrambled to find a solution.

We are not out of the woods yet. You see, even though there is a vaccine, Covid is very tricky. There are mutations that vaccines may not be able to prevent yet. The truth also is that we’re hearing about it less because the media has moved on. The coronavirus is still a present problem.

The pharmaceutical industry has always admitted that natural cures are very effective. They are the most helpful source when it comes to drugs that cure. They also give great leads that could help create medication that solves a problem.

So, it’s not strange that people started researching CBD and covid. They found some very promising results too. Here’s all you need to know about CBD, covid prevention, and how it can help ease symptoms.

CBD and Covid

Covid 19 is caused by the coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2. This acute respiratory disease soon became a worldwide pandemic due to its ease of transmission. As of March 7th, there have been over 446 million cases worldwide, and the death toll stands as 6 million people.

Covid 19 comes with many symptoms, which could be mild or severe. They mostly appear between 2-14days of getting infected. Some of them include fever, chills, shortness of breath, nausea, sore throat, body aches, and loss of taste or smell. Covid-19 could also lead to death.

Another reason why Covid 19 is very problematic is what is known as long covid. This means even after people recover from covid, they could have symptoms continuing for months. The Covid 19 pandemic affected the world in proportions unheard of for decades, and we needed a solution.

Several companies have come up with vaccines to help protect people from coronavirus. These vaccines are helpful, but we also have some mutations that these vaccines do not cover. There is still a search for solutions on the complete prevention of Covid-19.

CBD (Cannabidiol), is under research as a possible way to prevent the coronavirus that causes Covid 19. Initial lab studies are showing promise with prevention. CBD is already known to help with some of the symptoms of covid too. CBD could be the answer.

Can CBD prevent Covid?

A recent study carried out at the University of Chicago says that this is, in fact, true. CBD administered in the right amounts was shown to block the coronavirus infection at early and even later stages. It was also discovered to lessen the severity of the illness in mice.

An earlier study by researchers at the Oregon State University also seemed to suggest the same. It showed that cannabinoid acids present in CBD products gotten from hemp bind to the spike protein of the covid virus. The protein is what allows the virus to enter the human cell.

As a result of the binding, the virus can no longer penetrate the cell and lead to a Covid 19 infection. This completely solves the problem of the current virus available or any variants possible. It also gives an excellent outlook for finding a possible cure.

The researchers from the University of Chicago also carried out an anecdotal study on humans. This showed that people who took high potency regular CBD doses were less likely to contract the coronavirus. CBD is known to do this by preventing the entrance of the virus into the cells.

Cannabis and the cytokine storm

The human immune system is unique and highly evolved. It contains many different components that help us fight off infections. Some of these components are cells that quickly communicate which each other. They do this by using signalling molecules that are known as cytokines.

A cytokine storm happens when your body has an exaggerated immune system response. It can cause very serious problems. For example, in response to a virus, your body can trigger an inflammatory response.

This is done by making use of inflammatory cytokines. Under a normal situation, your body also produces anti-inflammatory cytokines to help keep the other under control. There are not enough anti-inflammatory cytokines in the cytokine storm, so the inflammatory ones storm out of control.

One of the diseases that seem to trigger this harmful cytokine response is Covid 19. In most covid patients, this is what leads to acute respiratory distress syndrome. This acute respiratory distress syndrome is a leading cause of death in people with covid.

Cannabis and Cannabinoids have been proven to help with regulating this inflammatory response. Cannabinoids have also been proven to help suppress an overactive immune system. We discussed these and more when talking about how CBD oil helps with allergies in this previous article.

CBD of the right kind can help a lot when it comes to the cytokine storm. By reducing the inflammatory cytokines and suppressing the immune system, it can stop this deadly response. By extension, we can see how big of a helper CBD can be for patients with Covid-19.

Other ways CBD could help with Covid

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, CBD can be beneficial in curing Covid 19 itself. But that’s not where the wonders of Cannabidiol stop. CBD can be very helpful with symptoms of Covid 19 in patients too.

As a result of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help with symptoms of covid like breathing difficulties. As we already mentioned, it does this by suppressing the extra action of the immune system that is dangerous. The pain and stuffiness that come with that are also sorted out.

CBD can also be great for anxiety which is also a problem for people suffering from Covid 19. By helping people feel more relaxed, CBD can help manage difficult symptoms of covid.

What Does Science Say?

One thing that these studies carried show is that CBD is only effective if used in the correct form. One study even found that the presence of THC alongside CBD could hamper its effects. This means that your CBD has to be of the purest form.

This means that sadly, just smoking marijuana cannot help in this regard. It contains all of the other compounds like THC, which could inhibit the helpful properties of the cannabinoids you need. Taking simple gummy bears and other infused snacks is also unhelpful because of low CBD content.

CBD purchased from unsure sources can also be problematic in this regard. Some were shown to be of less than 0.3% actual CBD content. Using this type of CBD product to help with your covid is sure to produce little to no effect. That’s why it’s advisable to purchase from trusted brands like Hempika.

How to Use CBD for Covid

There are several ways that patients can use CBD for covid. The first is by smoking. As we’ve already mentioned, this is not the most efficient way. While marijuana might have some anxiety-helping properties, it is advised that you go for pure CBD for more effective relief.

Another way to get CBD in your system is by vaping. This is a better and healthier method and gives nasal delivery, which makes it more effective. CBD can easily get to your cells and help to fight against covid.

Products like CBD Drops and CBD paste of excellent quality are also very effective. The paste, for example, could be used to manage the problematic symptoms of covid effectively. Just make sure to purchase from a trusted brand.

Risks Of Using Cannabis For Covid

Using cannabis for covid comes with different risks levels depending on the products used. It also matters if you are allergic to cannabis yourself. Cannabis allergies present like most other allergies but are very rare.

Going for the right Cannabis product, which is CBD is better for those who want to use Cannabis for covid. CBD has an excellent safety profile and produces very minor side effects. It is well tolerated in many people.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD and Covid

Does CBD interfere with covid vaccine?

There are no studies showing that CBD interferes with the covid vaccine. CBD has an excellent safety profile and works well with many other medications. Patients who have taken the vaccine but still get a mild form of covid can use CBD.

Is it safe to use CBD while having Covid?

Yes, it is safe to use pure forms of CBD while having covid. In fact, people have gotten relief from extreme and problematic symptoms of covid. Just ensure that the product chosen has CBD in high doses and no THC.

Is CBD good for long Covid?

CBD has proven effective in treating some of the symptoms of long covid like breathlessness, nasal congestion, pain, and anxiety. So, whether CBD is good or not for you depends on the symptoms of long covid that you are exhibiting.

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