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Experience the entourage effect with our full spectrum CBD drops. Extracted with CO2 to preserve the wide range of bioactive compounds. Comes with a child-lock dropper for secure dosing.

Certificates of Analysis (COA)
Volume: 10ml

Hempika CBD drops are made with full-spectrum Cannabis sativa extract dissolved in cold-pressed hemp seed oil. The extract is obtained from organically-grown hemp plants using supercritical CO2 that preserves a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial nutrients. Thanks to the rich spectrum of biologically active compounds and their mutual interactions, the drops assist in the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, resulting in beneficial effects on your overall health and well-being.

Hemp seed oil, full-spectrum hemp extract.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract.

Shake well before use.
1 drop contains 1,2mg / 2mg / 4mg of cannabidiol (CBD).
1 bottle (10ml) contains approximately 250 drops.
Discontinue use in case of hypersensitivity.

Keep cool. Protect from sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.

18 months

13 reviews for CBD drops

  1. Sonia

    Very good!

  2. Maja

    Odkar jih uporabljam, spim do jutra brez prekinitev.

  3. Tuomas J. Pääkkönen

    Works immedietelly, I feel Happy & Relaxed but not that tired.

    Good vibes!

  4. Jarko Törmänen

    Excellent service

  5. Viviana Cuna

    Consiglio di provare l’effetto benefico di olio CBD, è veramente ottimo prodotto.

  6. Melita

    Very good product. CBD drops really help with my neuropathic pain. I’m satisfied with the results.

  7. Nikola

    It’s been few years that I’ve been using them, they changed quite a lot, product design, website But the product quality left the same! Highly suggested!

  8. Viviana Cuna

    Uso questo prodotto da anni e mi trovo benissimo, oltre ad essere un olio eccellente!

  9. Emy Simsig

    I’ve been using Hempika cbd oil 10% since November 2019 after trying a few different ones and I only use this now. I find it amazing for my neuropathic pain that I’ve been dealing for 25 years. It also helped with anxiety in the long term but you need to be consistent with taking it regularly to feel all the benefits. It doesn’t matter if you skip a dose or two because it’s not addictive. Also I take it in a low dose (4 drops a day) and been very happy with the oil and the service and the price. Very serious company.

  10. Jarko Törmänen

    After using this product 4 drops per day my asthma-symptoms had 15% relief. PEF increased from 550 to 630

  11. Diana

    Increased sleep quality and overall well-being! Thank you very much, going to keep on using it.

  12. Svetlana Mitrović

    I’ve been using these drops, along with hemp juice (which also contains CBD) for two months now. In those two months, I had only several headaches, which was something I could only dream of before. I used to have daily headaches for years, so this is a huge improvement! Also, I sleep better and need less sleep to feel rested and energized. My energy level has risen sky-high for the first time in many years and this has been a huge issue for me because of hypothyroidism. All in all, I am mad at myself for not trying CBD the first time I read about it.

  13. Peter

    You rule!

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