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Feel the true power of CBD in its purest and cleanest form! Looking for a 100% THC-free product? Here it is! Isolate is the hemp-derived crystallized extract in powdered form for multi-usage purposes.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)
~1000mg CBD / 1g


Do you adore CBD effects or would like to give it a try, but you want to stay on the safe side when it comes to THC tests? Then Hempika CBD isolate is the thing you’re looking for! This product is a refined and crystallized form of hemp extract that contains more than 99% cannabidiol (CBD). It is the purest form of naturally occurring cannabidiol, derived from the hemp plant and produced through modern extraction techniques. The best of CBD, 100% without THC!

Is this the right product for me?

What actually is the difference between full-spectrum CBD (found in drops, paste, and spray) and an isolated version? Full-spectrum products still contain a small amount of THC, which surely won’t get you high but can be an edgy choice for those exposed to regular THC tests. Hempika CBD isolate comes in powdered form, which makes it easy and safe to use.

Here are examples of people who tend to prefer CBD isolate to full-spectrum products:

  • Professionals (athletes, soldiers, police officers, marines, etc.) who are regularly exposed to various tests, including THC tests, will most likely choose a CBD isolate instead of full spectrum CBD products. Chances are that other products might still leave a trace of THC in your blood.
  • Want to stay on the safe side while still enjoying all the benefits of CBD? Isolate is the answer. Give it a chance and observe how it reduces the intensity of your everyday challenges and body sensations.
  • Are you all into the multifunctionality of products? You’re gonna adore the isolate! Here’s just a hint of all the endless ways people use it: making their own DIY CBD home products, like combining it with oil or other cosmetical bases for skin applications, mixing oil solutions for different purposes; adding it into electronic cigarette fillings, or vaporizing it; using it orally, and the list goes on.

How & when to use CBD isolate?

There are no strict rules or orders when it comes to CBD usage. Each person is a unique system, and so CBD usage varies from individual to individual. It’s vital that you find your own rhythm and the dosage that fits you best. Why not start easy and increase the dose depending on your daily needs and moods? You can also get creative on all the possible ways CBD isolate can be used. Test it out and find your best recipe!

Create your ritual

Thinking about how to incorporate a new product into your daily routines can be slightly overwhelming. Instead of being so strict, think about creating a mindful CBD ritual of the day. Rituals ground us while bringing us back to the present moment, back to our breath, and give us a minute of pure calmness. When the hectic part of the day kicks in, this is your call for a CBD ritual. Wouldn’t we all use some relaxation and peace of mind? Use CBD isolate before falling asleep, before an important task you need to accomplish, when stress knocks at your door, or just at any other moment you need some “everybody leave me alone time.” Hempika CBD isolate can quickly become your SOS call, always in your purse or pocket.

How does it taste like?

Isolate doesn’t have a specific taste or smell. It’s just a powder you can use in different ways without changing the drink’s taste or smell of other products (if you’re planning to use it in cosmetics).


For pharmaceutical use only.


Cannabidiol (CAS: 13956-29-1)


Do not handle it until the safety precautions have been read and understood.
Harmful if swallowed.
Suspected of damaging the fertility of the unborn child.
Dispose of contents/containers in accordance with national legislation.


Keep cool. Protect from sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.
Shelf life: 18 months

4 reviews for CBD ISOLATE

  1. Haris

    CBD isolate is a great product, fast delivery and the effect is fabolus.

  2. Jarko Törmänen

    I use it to mix with vegetable glyserine and smoke it in e-cigaret. This way I ease my asthma

  3. Eric

    The CBD isolate is effective for calming anxiousness. In the middle of the night, when too many thoughts keep me from sleeping, CBD keeps the thoughts from making me nervous … 20 minutes after dissolving 20mg of isolate under my tongue, I’m usually fast asleep.

  4. Isacco

    Great products, low prices. Kind and helpful staff. I like Hempika!

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