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Are you aware there are studies showing we have known of CBD and its benefits since 2900 BC? Now, more scientists are discussing CBD oil and its many mental health benefits too. Here's what they've discovered.

CBD is one of the numerous cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD has many benefits that scientists are still researching. One of the reasons CBD is a favorite is that despite having many benefits, it has no psychoactive properties. You won’t get high taking CBD or using CBD oil.

People using CBD oil have found that its good effects go beyond what they initially needed. As a result, it is gaining momentum in the health industry. People looking for relief from pain, addiction, and other numerous health symptoms find CBD useful. Below are some of CBDs health benefits that are backed by research.

Mental disorders

1. Anxiety

Anxiety can make life very uncomfortable for people who suffer from it. Symptoms like nervousness, restlessness, weakness, trembling, and hyperventilation can be debilitating. People who suffer from anxiety could also have an increased heart rate.

Many people are starting to use CBD for anxiety. A 2011 study[1] showed that patients who used CBD got a reduction in their anxiety levels. Using CBD drops for your anxiety works because its natural chemicals react with that of the body to give positive results.

2. Depression

Depression is a mental health condition that is very prevalent worldwide. It affects the day-to-day life of people suffering from it and can lead to fatality. Some symptoms of depression include a lack of interest in activities and mood lowering.

Preliminary studies show that CBD has helpful anti-depressant properties[2]. People suffering from depression are now choosing to use CBD for its mental benefits. CBD has effects on the brain that help to restore brain chemistry. It interacts with the serotonin receptors in the brain helping it better respond to the serotonin levels in the body.

3. OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is characterized by unreasonable fears and thoughts. These then lead to behaviors that are compulsive. Some symptoms include hypervigilance, agitation, anxiety, and social isolation.

The study in mice[3] showed that applying high doses of CBD inhibited compulsive disorder. CBD is also useful for symptoms of OCD like anxiety and agitation[4].

4. Psychosis and Schizophrenia

Psychosis and schizophrenia are serious mental health disorders. Psychosis is sometimes a symptom of schizophrenia. It could also be caused by medication. People who suffer from this find themselves disconnected from reality. Hallucinations are common too.

CBD has many valuable mental benefits for people with psychosis and schizophrenia. A study published in 2020 was performed on people with schizophrenia who used CBD showed that their hallucinations reduced significantly[5].


PTSD can lead to many problems for people living with it. These include nightmares, anxiety, and insomnia. It disrupts their way of life, nearly rendering them useless. CBD has many health benefits for people who have PTSD.

A study published in 2019[6] shows that when people with PTSD take CBD, they have an overall reduction in their symptoms. Studies also show that CBD helps to reduce nightmares for people who are suffering from PTSD[7].

Neurological disorders

6. Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that progressively destroys memories and other important mental functions. It does this by causing the brain to shrink. Brain cells also die as a result of Alzheimer’s. People who have Alzheimer’s experience symptoms like confusion and memory loss.

Studies show that CBD has effects that help to improve brain function[8]. This can be very helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s; It could help slow down the destruction of their mental functions. Another study from 2016[9] shows that CBD has therapeutic functions for Alzheimer’s. In it, CBD prevented the formation of hallmarks associated with Alzheimer’s in stem cells.

7. Epilepsy

People who have epilepsy have seizures because their nerve cells are disturbed. It is an autoimmune disease that can be a result of severe head trauma or stroke. Epilepsy can also be genetic. Other symptoms include staring spells, anxiety, and mental confusion.

CBD is prescribed as a treatment for certain childhood epileptic disorders. While research is still ongoing about the exact mechanism, it is proven that CBD for epilepsy works. CBD is, however, known to help regulate immune system response[10]. CBD also has properties that help with anxiety, a reduction of seizures[11], and other symptoms of epilepsy.

8. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition where the body’s immune system eats away at the protective covering of the nerves. This leads to nerve damage, which cuts off communication between the brain and the body. Symptoms include vision loss, fatigue, and impaired coordination.

CBD helps to fight against Multiple Sclerosis by suppressing pro-inflammatory genes[12]. CBD also helps to reduce the degradation of motor functions. CBD also inhibits the immune system’s overreaction by lowering cytokine secretion from activated immune cells.

9. Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Disease is a disorder of the nervous system caused by nerve cell damage in the brain. This affects the dopamine level of the body. It usually starts as a slight tremor in one hand before progressing to loss of balance, stiffness, and slow movement.

The study published in 2017[13] shows that CBD works directly on the nerve receptor linked with Parkinson’s. This has potential in the therapeutic effect of CBD on diseases linked with nerve damage like Parkinson’s.


Cancer is a life-changing diagnosis. Early detection is best as it helps commencement of treatment with chemotherapy or surgery. This gives people with cancer a chance to survive and go back to living a healthy life.

One problem with cancer is its ability to spread or metastasize. Studies show that administration of CBD leads to a reduction in the metastasizing of breast cancer cells[14]. CBD is also proven to help with pain[15] which can be very helpful for patients undergoing therapy.

That isn’t all. CBD also helps with the chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting. In fact, synthetic cannabinoids have been officially approved to help with chemotherapy.

10. Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma is a severe cancer that affects the brain and the spine. It spreads very fast and presents as a tumor causing immense pressure. Some symptoms include seizures, changes in personality, blurred vision, and headaches. Glioblastoma is highly resistant to current cancer treatments.

A study from 2011[16] shows that a combination of CBD and THC inhibits tumor growth and leads to cell death. Thus, CBD can be used in the management of Glioblastoma. CBD was also shown to reduce the growth of tumor xerographs by itself.

11. Leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood tissues that stop them from fighting infections properly. People who have Leukemia experience frequent bleeds, fatigue, weight loss, etc. Studies on the use of CBD for leukemia are preliminary. However, one study from 2006[17] found that CBD could help by reducing the rate at which cancer cells spread.

Another study, published in 2017[18] finds that using cannabinoids produces healthy blood cell developments. This could help reduce the activity in leukemia cells. Using CBD while undergoing chemotherapy also appears to enhance results.

Skin conditions

12. Eczema

People suffering from eczema have a condition that causes their skin to become irritated and inflamed. Some symptoms include rashes, dry skin, swelling, and itchiness. Eczema can be hereditary and passed down.

CBD causes therapeutic relief for patients suffering from eczema[19]. Patients who used CBD noticed a reduction in itching and dryness. Applying topical products like CBD balm can also give a soothing feeling and immediate relief. CBD is known to have many benefits for the skin.

13. Psoriasis

People with psoriasis have dry, scaly skin that is flaky. It is an autoimmune disease that even the common cold could trigger. Symptoms could also include a rash that is itchy or not. Sometimes, psoriasis is also triggered by infections and anxiety.

CBD is known to regulate immune system response[20] which works wonders for those with psoriasis. CBD has anti-fungal and bacterial properties[21], that help to prevent infections that could be a trigger. CBDs anti-anxiety properties[22] also help here as anxiety is another trigger. Plus, in general, CBD drops have many benefits and could help with dry skin.

Other conditions and disorders

14. Addiction

Addictions are a problem faced all over the world. In the US, for example, addictions have led to a reduction in the overall life expectancy. This is because addictions often lead to accidental deaths due to overdose.

Dealing with addiction can be challenging as the body keeps craving that which is harmful to it. Many people with this condition suffer from horrible withdrawal symptoms. They might also find themselves relapsing and going back to use.

A study in 2020[23] showed that CBD could help dampen cravings in people addicted to drugs like opioids. CBD has effects on the brain in ways that fix the neural mechanisms related to drug abuse.

CBD also shows effects on the pharmacokinetic properties of the drugs, causing a reduction in absorption, metabolism, and distribution[24]. Fighting addiction can be such a nerve-wracking experience. Studies show that CBD has therapeutic properties, making it easier for patients[25].

15. Arthritis

Arthritis has symptoms like inflammation of the joints, pain, and stiffness, which progresses with age. There are many kinds of arthritis, and they all cause discomfort and pain to their sufferers. This pain can be sharp, and there is also a general feeling of weakness.

This study from 2000[26] shows that treatment with CBD effectively blocks the progression of arthritis in mice. It also suppresses the joint damage that arthritis causes. People who have arthritis can also use CBD for pain. This survey of people from 2021[27] found that CBD is effective for pain management.

16. Diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes end up with too much sugar in their blood. They often feel exhausted and have blurry vision. People with diabetes also have very dry skin and can be very thirsty and hungry.
Studies in mice show that CBD caused a reduced incidence of diabetes[28]. CBD can inhibit and delay insulitis. In that study, treatment with CBD reduced the incidence of diabetes from 80% to 30%. It did this by possibly regulating immune system response.

17. Functional Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

Functional Gastro-Intestinal Disorders stop the gastrointestinal tract from moving and functioning properly. Some include bloating, gas, food poisoning, diarrhea, and constipation. With these diseases, the gastrointestinal tract looks normal when examined but is not.

Studies in mice show that CBD helps with functional gastrointestinal disorders. CBD helps to decrease tissue damage and intestinal hypermotility[29]. Please note that for this, broad-spectrum CBD showed the most effect.

18. Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that completely disrupts the body’s normal function. Sleep is a very valuable part of our existence. Lack of sleep is also known to cause physical and mental health problems.

CBD has a calming effect which people with insomnia will find very useful. A study performed in 2011[30] found that people with sleep disorders found relief using CBD. 65% of the people in this study experienced improvements in their sleep patterns using CBD. This is one of the much-loved benefits of CBD products like CBD drops and CBD paste.

19. Obesity

Obesity is an extreme that is bad for the human body. It can interrupt your daily way of life. Many health problems stem from obesity. Some of them include increased blood pressure and heart problems.

CBD helps with obesity by circulating lipids. This leads to weight loss. This 2015 study[31] shows how CBD is a possible treatment for obesity.

20. Pain

Pain in humans is often the symptom of a problem. Nevertheless, it can be debilitating and can disrupt daily plans and behavior. Many patients turn to CBD for help with all forms of pain and find relief. This study from 2021[32] shows that more than 60% of people said CBD helped with their pain.

How CBD helps with you pain depends on what is causing it. The 2015 study[33] shows that CBD is known to influence the receptor systems in our body. CBD can increase the levels of anandamide in the body. Anandamide helps to regulate pain and so indirectly, CBD can reduce pain perceptions and improve the situation.

21. Stroke

Stroke occurs due to damage to the brain caused by an interruption in its blood supply. It is counted as a medical emergency and has symptoms like numbness, sudden confusion, and paralysis.

CBD has proven to be very helpful in treatments for animals after stroke. Early stroke treatment is necessary to give the patient a chance to return to a normal life. CBD aids this by significantly reducing neuronal degeneration that occurs after a stroke[34].

Potential Side Effects of CBD

Many studies show that CBD has the potential to treat many health conditions. So, it’s only natural to wonder if CBD has any side effects. What are the side effects of CBD? Are they severe enough to negate the help it could render with my ailment?

Well, while CBD generally has an excellent safety profile in humans, some people could experience diarrhea, fatigue, and weight changes. Most other side effects like sedation and drowsiness are noticed when CBD is taken with other medications.

If you choose to use CBD oil with your treatments, please discuss this decision with your health care practitioner first. They’ll help you assess the safety and tell you if they’ll be any interactions with side effects. Talking with a practitioner will also help you decide the best doses for your condition.

Final Thoughts

CBD provides many benefits when it comes to mental and physical health. It would make a great addition to your health regimen. One thing to, however, watch out for is quality. Most times, when people complain about CBD not giving them results, it’s because the content of their CBD is questionable.

That’s why Hempika goes out of its way to ensure that you get the best quality CBD products. But don’t just take our word for it; we have third-party labs test our product. Whatever you see on the label is what you get with us. That’s why people who use Hempika products get results. That can be you too.

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