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This is why you should consider using CBD Oil for Pain Relief

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Pain is an unnecessary condition that many people suffer from. CBD might be an adequate replacement for conventional medication.

When pain is left untreated it can lead to other health problems like muscle tension, fatigue, sleeping problems and even changes in appetite. If that happens, you’ll need to treat those conditions individually and healing can take much longer than it was supposed to.

Chronic pain is a different chapter. Many people learn how to live with it, but why? If left untreated, you can get anxious, depressed and even aggressive which can consequently affect your relationship and lifestyle. CBD with its analgesic properties shows more than promising results when it comes to treating all different kinds of pain. So why suffer?

The book on pain relief is a thick one, but one that hasn’t seen any marked advances in quite a while. The pain relief ladder of…

  1. Aspirin or Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  2. NSAIDS (Ibuprofen etc)
  3. Opioids (Codeine)
  4. Stronger opioids (Oxycodone etc)
  5. And finally, morphine

…hasn’t changed much in about 50 years and has proven less than satisfactory for a variety of maladies, both acute and chronic. But thanks to CBD that may be about to change. Much to the relief of millions around the world, CBD for pain is fast becoming a practical reality. Here’s why that matters.

Why Should You Consider Using CBD Oil for Pain?

Because CBD represents the most significant potential advance in pain relief since the invention of NSAIDS. And the spectrum of conditions for which it is proving beneficial is much broader and encompasses many that modern medical science had basically given up on.

What Types of Pain Are Responding to CBD?

The relaxation of cannabis laws over the past few years has allowed discussion of CBD and its many health benefits to finally come to the fore. To say that what is being revealed through clinical trials and practical experience is an eye opener would be a dramatic understatement. The effectiveness of CBD oil for pain relief is one of the hottest topics in the medical community and is providing new hope to those suffering from:

    1. Arthritis Pain – The anti-inflammatory capabilities of CBD are breathing new life into research aimed at producing more effective arthritis pain treatments. Preliminary research suggests CBD may open up entirely new vistas of arthritis treatment. And a growing body of anecdotal evidence suggests the days of having to accept debilitating arthritis pain as a fact of life may soon be coming to an end.
    1. Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain – Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a gruesome, enervating condition wherein the body’s immune system lays siege to otherwise healthy bone tissue. The exact reasons for this dysfunctional behaviour are still not fully understood. But what is known is that the standard pain relief ladder outlined at the beginning of this article has been woefully inadequate when it comes to providing effective relief. CBD, however, has been shown to suppress aspects of T-cell function that have been linked to the molecular mechanisms of RA. And its ability to reduce inflammation also makes it a top candidate for the treatment of RA; whose most common symptoms are excruciating pain and inflammation.
    1. Osteoarthritis Pain – Osteoarthritis is yet another form of arthritis that affects tens of millions worldwide. For reasons that are still not fully understood, it affects a higher percentage of women than men. Because it attacks the cartilage, joints and bones needed for walking, the resulting pain can be too much to bear. Studies in 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2017 have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil are generally effective at reducing inflammation and the pain that accompanies it.
    1. Pain from Cancer and Cancer Treatment – Preliminary research suggests that CBD is helpful in relieving some of the more worrisome side effects of chemotherapy. That research – along with a growing mountain of real-world first person testimony – indicates that chemo-related mouth sores, nausea and general feelings of discomfort all respond positively to CBD related treatment. These facts are endorsed by no less than the American Cancer Institute. There is also an increasing amount of evidence that CBD therapy can help reduce pain associated with a range of different cancers. And that, in some instances, CBD therapy may, in fact, lead to a reduction in tumour size. At this stage, the chemo-related benefits of CBD for pain seem beyond question. But there is little doubt more study is needed in other areas of cancer research before any hard and fast conclusions can be drawn.
    1. The Pain of Multiple Sclerosis – Multiple Sclerosis or MS is an autoimmune disorder that spreads throughout the entire body via the nervous system. MS is often characterized by tremors that can range from relatively minor shakes to shaking so intense that it interferes with even the simplest day to day activities. These tremors are often accompanied by severe pain. Studies conducted on volunteers with MS indicate that CBD can be effective in relieving both the severity of the tremors and the pain that accompanies them. In addition, other symptoms of MS, including numbness, stabbing pains and sensations of tightness around the midsection, known as the MS Hug, also respond favourably to the best CBD oil for pain. It must be noted, however, that clinical studies are still in their early stages and more information will undoubtedly be revealed in the months and years to come.
    1. Chronic Pain Syndrome – This is surely one of the most vexing medical conditions a person can face. Chronic pain is often the result of cancer or other conditions, including back injuries. But there are untold numbers of cases where the cause of chronic pain cannot be identified. Yet there it is. Weighing heavily on the daily lives of sufferers. Making every moment of existence a kind of trial by fire. Up to now, treatment of chronic pain has entailed everything from NSAIDS to spinal cord stimulation implants and infusion pain pumps.
      Now, however, researchers are beginning to understand that CBD hemp oil may have a significant role to play in finally bringing effective, non-narcotic relief to sufferers of chronic pain. And that is especially true when it comes to using CBD oil for back pain. Some of the positive effects of CBD
      can be traced to its anti-inflammatory capabilities and some to its ability to produce a calming effect. The value of that calming effect cannot be overstated since many chronic pain sufferers often experience severe emotional distress as a result of their condition.
  1. Fibromyalgia – Sufferers of fibromyalgia have had to fight long and hard to have their plight recognized by the mainstream medical establishment. Finally, over the past few years, the veils of ignorance and denial have started to lift and fibromyalgia is beginning to receive the kind of attention it deserves. Exactly what causes the condition is unknown although genetics, untreated infections and various types of physical and emotional trauma are suspected. But causes aside, for the moment the primary, pressing need for those living with this condition is pain relief. And up to now the standard menu of pain relievers has often proven ineffective. CBD oil is just beginning to be looked at as a
    possible treatment for fibromyalgia. But even at this early stage, clinical results suggest it may have a significant role to play.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

Unlike NSAIDS or opioids, CBD oil can be administered in a number of different ways. Which only adds to its potential use as a treatment for various kinds of pain. Just as the exact CBD oil dosage for pain will vary from condition to condition and person to person, so too will the most effective delivery method. Here are some of the ways to administer cannabinoid oil for pain.

    1. Ingestibles – There are already quite a number of CBD ingestibles on the market and the number and type is expanding practically every week. These run the gamut from the ultra-practical to the fanciful. From gummies to honey to CBD beverages and smoothies. And from peanut butter to pizza sauce. CBD ingestibles are often recommended for those adverse to things like vaping or sublingual administration (which we’ll get to in a moment). Ingestibles are often recommended for children and the elderly as well. In addition, there are a growing number of CBD capsules on the market that are finding favour with a variety of patients.
    1. Topical Treatments – The number of topical CBD products for pain relief has grown in step with the number of ingestibles. Today it includes gels, lotions, lip balms, pastes, salves, transdermal patches and even CBD sunscreens, all vying for the distinction of being the best CBD oil for pain. In addition, a number of different transdermal CBD patches have hit the market in the past couple of years. Topical CBD solutions are a great idea for those suffering from localized pain like that which occurs as a result of muscle injuries. In addition, those with arthritis and fibromyalgia have also reported that topical CBD treatments can provide effective pain relief.
    1. Sublingual Treatment – Sublingual means “under the tongue” and it has become one of the most popular methods for administering CBD oil for pain. With this type of treatment, the patient sprays a small amount of CBD oil under their tongue, where the walls of the blood vessels are particularly thin and exposed. This allows them to quickly absorb the CBD oil. As a result, pain relief can be obtained faster than by other methods.
  1. Vaping – And finally we come to maybe the most well-known method by which CBD oil may be administered to achieve pain relief. Vaping is well-appreciated for its ability to produce the aforementioned calming effect. It’s also a great way to ensure that you always have CBD at the ready throughout the day should you find yourself in need.

Treatments Beyond Pain Management

In addition to its many real and potential benefits as a treatment for pain, CBD oil has been shown to be effective as a treatment for:

    1. Epilepsy – Dravet Syndrome (DS) and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) are two forms of childhood epilepsy that have defied conventional treatments. Yet they are also two conditions for which CBD treatment is showing significant promise. There have been numerous studies in recent years confirming that CBD is able to obtain positive results when even the most advanced anticonvulsive medications have failed.
  1. Anxiety – As we alluded to earlier, CBD has the added benefit of producing a calming effect in most people. This health benefit is being leveraged by therapists and others in the medical profession to help patients with various forms of anxiety disorders to sleep better and deal with various types of pain.

Author: C. H.


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