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How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally with Help of CBD Oil?

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Are you looking for an effective treatment for acne? CBD oil can be the cure you are looking for. Learn more about the effects of CBD on your acne problem!

Have you heard about the advantages of CBD oil for acne? As research has it, CBD oil can be a helpful natural product in treating various forms of acne. The primary reason behind CBD oil’s efficacy in reducing acne is because of its impact on our body’s sebum production.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil are an additional advantage and can benefit our skin in many ways. In this article, we will discuss how CBD can be useful in your skincare regime.

Get Rid of Acne with CBD Oil

There is growing amount of evidence showing promising results of CBD oil for acne. This is not surprising because we know CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties and controls sebum production. These have a direct link to acne breakouts on our faces, foreheads, shoulders and upper back.

Acne is a common skin condition and many of us suffer it at some point in our life. For some, acne breakouts can be occasional while for others it may happen daily. The problem occurs from dead skin cells collecting on our skin, while pollutants and other harmful bacteria can trap inside our pores too.

We can experience acne problems due to a variety of reasons, including overproduction of sebum, genetics and hormonal imbalances. Some people may experience severe acne symptoms too due to certain prescribed medicines, high levels of stress and improper diet.

So far, we can conclude from the researches that have come forth, that CBD can affect sebocytes. Sebocytes are human cells responsible for producing sebum. Sebum is primarily useful for protecting our skin from the outside but it since it is oily in nature, it is a primary cause for acne breakouts too.

Using CBD oil for acne can prevent the sebocyte cells from producing an excess of the oily sebum. Moreover, research has also proved that CBD oil can trigger an anti-inflammatory reaction in our cells. This further plays a vital role and prevents the activation of the inflammatory cytokines.

Since cytokines are major acne-triggering agents, reducing them would be an effective way of preventing acne breakouts

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound that we can find from the cannabis sativa plant. Many find this a fuzzy wellness product but it does not produce a high feeling like THC does. It is a natural substance but it induces feelings of calm and relaxation.

A scientific research reviewed the advantages of the cannabis plant extract for its benefits for the skin. The research discovered that the plant contains antifungal and antibacterial effects. This is perhaps why many skincare experts now believe that CBD products, including CBD oil can be a step forward in protecting our skin from acne breakouts.

You can find a significant reduction in skin infections and accumulation of pollutants and dirt in your pores by using CBD products.

All about acne

Many people commonly suffer from acne. This is a skin condition that develops when dead skin cells and oil plug our hair follicles. Although we most commonly note acne development in teenagers, yet it commonly affects people well into their adulthood too.

It can appear in the form of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads and our CBD oil for acne can be a helpful agent for treating these.

Acne Causes

The skin condition breaks out certain parts of our body. The most common include:

  • Acne on the upper back
  • Acne of the forehead
  • Acne on face
  • Acne on the scalp
  • Acne on the shoulders

These are the areas where the sebaceous glands are present and we know how acne has a deep link with the oil glands.

You will often hear people speculating that their acne breakout occurred due to changes in the climate, an allergy issue, testosterone changes or the female monthly cycle. The truth is that acne can occur due to many other causes but there are four primary ones.

There are four main causes of acne, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Bacteria
  • Hair follicles clogging
  • Excessive production of sebum or oil

Acne Types

There are six acne types. These include:

  1. Acne Papules
  2. Acne Blackheads
  3. Acne Whiteheads
  4. Acne Nodules
  5. Acne Pustules and
  6. Acne Cysts

How CBD Helps with Acne and What Useful Products to Consider

CBD comes from the cannabis plant and many claim that it is effective for acne treatment, the reason why we proclaim our CBD products to be effective. Excessive sebum production is one of the main causes of acne, along with dead skin cells and dirt clogging our pores.

The main objective of an acne treatment approach is that it must cleanse the skin of all the acne-causing bacteria. It must also aim to reduce the excess oil that clogs the skin and cause acne breakout. You will find all of these benefits in CBD-infused products, including CBD oil for acne etc.

CBD products such as CBD spray, CBD body butter and CBD face cream have notable effects for acne: the primary one is that it can reduce the buildup of oil.

While most CBD products have remarkable skin benefits, some CBD products are especially beneficial for treating acne. In addition to CBD oil, CBD face cream and CBD body butter are highly useful products for you.

CBD Face Cream

CBD face cream is popular for all the right reasons, just as CBD oil is. It contains premium and wholly natural ingredients, so the product will eventually clear your acne. Furthermore, face creams with CBD infusion do a marvelous job at softening and protecting the skin.

If you feel that your skin is lacking its natural glow and luster, trust our CBD face cream to restore it for you. This product combines the hemp seed oil with full spectrum hemp extract to deliver the excellent results we promise.

It is also an ideal product for not only acne-prone skin but also those who have psoriasis and eczema.

CBD Body Butter

If you’re looking for the best CBD products to add to your skincare regime, we believe CBD body butter is a worthy option. It is a one-stop solution for acne-prone skins and also restores elasticity while deeply hydrating the skin. Body butters make the skin feel super comfortable with the boosted elasticity and with their acne-reducing powers, they’re a must-have for everyone.

Our brand incorporates premium quality and hand-picked ingredients in all our CBD products. If you find our CBD oil a helpful solution for your skin, you will also love the nourishment our CBD Body butter will give it.

Hemp Seed Oil

Are you wondering about the benefits of hemp for acne? If you are, we have some good news for you.

Even dermatologists have now made hemp seed oil one of their go-to treatment options for acne. The oil is beneficial for all types of skin but especially those who have acne. The most noteworthy feature of hemp oil is that it balances the oil level by regulating sebum production.

It protects our skin against contaminants and keeps the overly dry skin from over producing oil. While the oil hydrates our skin to reduce dryness, it also refrains from clogging our pores as it contains similar lipids as skins.

Research about Hemp Seed Oil’s Effects on Acne

According to research, the scientific belief is that hemp seed oil moderates the production of oil and suits all skin types. It gently moisturizes the skin without clogging pores, hydrating it and balancing out the oil. Since hemp oil prevents dryness without clogging skin’s pores, it therefore reduces acne.

Hemp oil also contains GLA (Gamma linolenic acid). This powerful anti-inflammatory element encourages new cell generation and skin growth. It keeps our skin safe from irritation, inflammation and acne breakouts.

What Research Says about CBD’s Effects on Acne

A popular studyA popular study found out how CBD compounds can affect our skin and oil-producing glands. The compound proved that it can inhibit the production of oil.

Growing scientific evidence suggests that CBD oil can tackle various kinds of acne, mainly because of the way it controls sebum production. The anti-inflammatory properties can curb the production of the oily and waxy sebum and keep the skin safe from acne breakouts.

Furthermore, the laboratory testing also proved that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory effects that will further impact the oil-producing glands. In the results, the investigative medical team concluded that CBD is indeed a promising acne treatment.

How to Use Hemp and CBD Products for Acne

Now that you know how beneficial hemp seed oil and CBD oil are for acne, let’s focus on how their products can help you. People are now making wide use of hemp seed oil for acne scars as well as other CBD products.

It is very simple to incorporate the products into your daily skincare regime. For example, you can combine a bit of CBD oil with some carrier oil, like hemp seed, and apply it directly on your skin. Is hemp lotion good for acne then you may ask?

Yes, it most certainly is and applying topical products containing CBD and hemp is a good approach too. Let’s take a look at some of the best hemp and CBD acne products for you:

Hempika Body Butter

This product is one of the most effective and beneficial CBD body butters for you. It contains extracts from full-spectrum cannabis sativa and will gently soothe and soften your skin. The mango butter inclusion further moisturizes while the shea butter heals your inflamed and irritated skin.

Hempika Face Cream

This CBD face cream contain only plant-based ingredients that rejuvenate, replenish and revive your dull-looking, acne-ridden skin. You will love the natural glow this CBD face cream will give you with the combination of hemp seed oil and full spectrum hemp extract. From softening, soothing, to moisturizing and protecting your skin, this product is a splendid treatment option.

CBD Oil + CBD Balm

If you are looking for the best CBD acne products, we think our CBD drops and CBD balm are the best recommendations. The balm is a rich, gently nurturing and nourishing ointment that does wonders for your skin. It contains CBD that prevents skin dryness while healing and reducing the acne breakouts.

The hemp seed oil also contains rich mineral and vitamin content in addition to omega fatty acids. This product serves as a super-food and an excellent treatment for your acne-prone skin.

CBD Spray

This CBD spray features hemp seed oil and full spectrum extract. The product prioritizes maximum absorption and discreet usage for your acne treatment.

CBD and Hemp Products for Other Skin Conditions

CBD and hemp products not only help with acne but various other skin problems too. Some of the other skin problems that CBD and hemp products can solve include:

  • Skin itching and dryness- the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil and CBD can reduce skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. These products are especially helpful for people with sensitive skin.
  • Wrinkles and aging- the antioxidant properties combat the oxidative stress that contributes to premature aging and wrinkles.
  • Infections- the antifungal and antibacterial properties treat and heal infections on our skin.

Why Use Hempika

Hempika is the best choice for your CBD and hemp products for acne. All the products by our brand contain no added chemicals and only feature natural ingredients. We guarantee that you will find our products extremely effective and will always find them of the highest quality.

With our CBD and hemp products, you will soon find a significant positive change in your skin’s health and appearance.


CBD oil and hemp seed oil have remarkable benefits for the acne prone skin. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, sebum production control, skin cleansing and moisturizing qualities, these natural products solve acne problems significantly. Our CBD products for acne are the ideal solutions to try if you wish to experience the promising effects of CBD.

Our products will help you achieve the desirable skin you always wanted.


Can hemp seed oil cause acne?

Hemp seed oil does not cause acne. On the contrary, it helps treat acne with its anti-clogging functions for the pores.

Is CBD oil good for acne?

Research has concluded that the anti-inflammatory and oil production inhibition properties of CBD oil are good for acne.

Can CBD oil help acne scars?

CBD oil shows promising help in reducing acne scars.

Does CBD affect acne?

Yes, CBD has shown promises as a therapeutic agent for acne treatment, due to its anti-inflammatory and oil-production control effects on sebaceous glands.

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