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Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) is a versatile plant that has been in use for centuries. Due to its extremely durable fibres it has gained its place in the paper and textile industry. In the past, hemp seeds were known not only as animal food, but also as an addition to human nutrition. Hemp seed oil contains a balanced ratio of unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 & omega 6), which is ideal for human metabolism. But the specificity of hemp are certainly cannabinoids, active compounds with medicinal properties, primarily found in hemp flowers (trichomes).

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Hemp CBD products Hempika are rich in cannabinoids and are available in the form of extracts, drops, ointments and other innovative products. In our offer you can also find different dietary hemp products that are based on hemp seeds. Visit our web store to see a wide range of certified hemp products and take advantages of the many benefits that this exceptional, beneficial plant has to offer.

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Hemp is cultivated organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Hemp flowers are hand picked and naturally dried.


A wide range of cannabinoids and other beneficial hemp compounds are preserved using cutting edge supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method.


Complementarity of active hemp compounds plays an important role in restoring the balanced functioning of our endocannabinoid system.


All of our products undergo rigorous quality control procedures where we analyse the concentration of cannabinoids and the absence of dangerous contaminants.

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