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Organic hemp tea Hempika contains only carefully selected and hand picked hemp leaves and flowers. Flowers and leaves are naturally dried and carefully stored, all intended to preserve natural aroma and colour, which strongly affects it’s quality. Organic hemp tea also contains numerous antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Hemp tea can be consumed on a daily basis, in the morning or evening, as it gives us a pleasant mind-body relaxation. Organic hemp tea can be prepared individually or mixed with other herbs. For preparation, we take one litre of hot water (80-90 °C) and pour it over 4 teaspoons of hemp tea. Wait for 5-10 minutes, depending on how strong tea you want. When the tea is ready, we can add some lemon juice and/or honey. We can drink it hot, or as a cold refreshment. Hemp tea is believed to be more than adequate substitute for teas containing teine and tenine. Organic hemp tea contains cannabinoids.*

* If you want to consume cannabinoids, it is recommended to add some vegetable fats, milk or butter. Cannabinoids aren’t water soluble and they bind exclusively to fats. The freshness is best preserved when product is stored in dark, cool place.