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Organic hemp seeds Hempika are the perfect source of omega fatty acids, dietary fibers, vegetable proteins, vitamins and enzymes. Hemp seeds are the product of pollination of male and female hemp plants that are organically grown, without using any pesticides, artificial fertilizers or any other substances that could be harmful for our health. Organic hemp seeds are carefully cleaned and they don’t contain any traces of plant parts of hemp or other impurities.

Hemp seeds were used as one of main food sources for thousands of years. They are believed to have the highest nutritional value amongst all vegetable seeds. Organic hemp seeds can be consumed on it’s own, or as an additive to salads, dressings, yoghurts, flakes or any other dishes. Hemp seeds can also be roasted with addition of some herbs or they can be germinated and eaten as fresh sprouts.

We can use hemp seeds to enrich our dishes, improve their nutritional value and improve numerous body functions. Organic hemp seeds don’t contain cannabinoids and are gluten free. The freshness is best preserved when product is stored in dark, cool place.