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Start Selling Hemp CBD Products in Europe – The Complete Guide

The European CBD market is expected to be worth 376 million € by the end of 2019, and is projected to be worth 1.5 billion € by 2023.

EU CBD Market Value


In the past few years the global hemp market is expanding fast. Growing demand for hemp products, including dairy products and more popular CBD products, is expected to drive the market growth in the next years. For years, experts have predicted that if the legal cannabis industry expands at its current rate, the US market will reach 20 Billion $ by 2020 and $146 billion by 2025. But it turns out that one market it spinning off into a mega industry of its own. According to a new estimate, the hemp CBD market alone could hit 22 billion by 2022. The trend is so strong that almost every 8th Americans are enjoying CBD products today, and there are more and more people who add hemp to their diet, in the form of oil, seeds, proteins, flour etc. The industry has also recognized the potential as there are more and more hemp products enriched with cannabinoids in the form of medicines, extracts, solutions, cosmetics, vape juices etc. The same CBD and hemp products growth trend is present also in Europe, Australia and Asia, especially in Japan and in some countries in the Middle East.. The current market size for CBD in Europe is about €450 million representing 31% of the global CBD oil market share. The trend in Europe is also set to experience very rapid growth – just the European CBD market is expected to be worth $416 million by the end of 2019,and is projected to be worth $1.7 billion by 2023. If we can mention numbers also for the hemp market the growth projections are exponential – from $318 million in 2018 to nearly $8 billion by 2023


Hempika is a well-established WHOLESALE CBD supplier based in Slovenia, Europe, focused on the production and distribution of pharma grade full spectrum CBD products in a wide variety of forms. We know that path from the seed to the finished product requires quite a few careful steps to ensure that the final products are clean, safe and the best choice for our users. Our CBD wholesale europe portal offers competitive prices for big retailers and custom-tailored CBD products offers for smaller retailers, dropshipping option PRIVATE LABEL and white label special offers for retailers with their own brand, CBD AFFILIATE PROGRAM and BULK products. Hempika complements and upgrades traditional practice with the latest findings and a cutting edge approach. The result is a line of quality hemp products in the form of CBD extracts, CBD isolates, CBD oil, CBD e-liquids, CBD pastes, etc. In addition to first quality CBD products at Hempika we provide our resellers with superior customer support service that is available five days a week to answer any questions regarding the legal status of CBD products in various EU countries and general CBD regulation in Europe, CBD product placement tailored to specific market trends and individual country law restrictions, online and offline advertising and marketing techniques and restrictions, last but not least challenges regarding starting a CBD online business or opening a CBD shop. We offer discounted samples for all new clients and business partners who want to test our products and collaborate with us.

Hempika Wholesale Portal

  • From seed to product
  • CO2 Extraction
  • GMP Compliance
  • Well-established Brand
  • First Quality Full-spectrum CBD Products
  • Superior Customer Support Service
  • Competitive Wholesale Private Label and Bulk Prices
  • Discounted samples
  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate program

Our products are registered in the EU and we can provide you with the certificates of analysis for all our products and half-products. In addition, we are GMP compliant and we have MSDS for our products that we can provide to customs at their request at any time.


Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) is a versatile plant that has been used for centuries. It has gained its place in the paper and textile industries due to its extremely durable fibers. Hemp seeds have been known in the past not only as feed but also as an addition to human nutrition. Hemp seed oil contains a balanced ratio of unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 & omega 6), ideal for human metabolism. But the specificity of hemp are cannabinoids, active compounds with medicinal properties, found primarily in hemp flowers or trichomes.


The gap between legal and illegal is really small. The permitted THC level is set at 0.2% in most European countries with some exceptions. You can check the current situation of CBD legality on country basis in our blog post: Is CBD oil legal in my country? The vast products on the market, regardless of the boundaries set, far exceed the values ​​of the infamous THC, or they do not contain as many active substances as they advertise.

As regards the registration and documentation of such products within the EU, there is enormous ambiguity. Some products are sold as medicines, others like food supplements, food, cosmetics, technical products, chemicals or even as a “collector” specimen. Most of them are definitely not what they are advertised for, and are not being used as described in the instructions – this is happening for one reason only – prohibition or law restriction regarding the cultivation of hemp, extraction, supply, sales and taxation of CBD. That is why even more confusion arises. Manufacturers and sellers are constantly looking for the most effective solution to register such products in line with current legislation. Certain countries have well-defined regulation regarding the sales and production of CBD products in other countries the regulation is vague or doesn’t even exist or/and it is not being enforced. Usually in countries where there is some kind of regulation regarding CBD the market entering barriers are greater than in countries where there is no regulation yet. We can help you with your first steps when opening a physical CBD shop or a CBD online business by offering a consulting service for our potential, new and long-term partners. Our staff can help you with valuable information we are collecting to start planning your web or physical store sales of CBD and hemp products. In addition, we have cannabinoid certificates of analysis for every product batch extracted from an independent laboratory that you can access here. We strive to provide our resellers contemporary and needed information about the legality of hemp and CBD products for various EU countries and the necessary documentation that needs to be obtained in order to avoid conflicts with the local law.


The main difference that separates hemp from cannabis is THC tetrahydrocannabinol. In Europe, this limit is set at 0.2%. Varieties of hemp with a negligible amount of THC are listed on the European variety list and can be grown and processed to produce a wide variety of hemp products. Given that the CBD content in industrial hemp is much higher than THC, hemp is an excellent source for the production of CBD products. Extra care is needed when choosing a site and soil for growing hemp. Hemp is actually a great accumulator of heavy metals from the soil but it’s also recommended to avoid pesticides, herbicides, and other mineral fertilizers. It is definitely best to choose hemp that does not grow near the contaminants and is produced organically or it has an organic certificate.


You may have already heard one of these terms: full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate, which usually refers to hemp or cannabis extract. We at Hempika are specialized in full spectrum CBD products that are made from industrial hemp extracts and contain a full range of cannabinoids. When you buy CBD full spectrum products, semi-finished products and raw material, you can be sure that you are buying CBD products that are being made with natural, CO2 extracted, EU certified, cultivated and produced extracts from selected and strictly monitored EU certified industrial hemp strains.

Broad spectrum term refers to total spectrum extracts that do not contain THC or contain small traces of it. The broad spectrum extracts are being made by remediating the THC from the extract.

CBD Isolate or CBD crystals are isolates of cannabidiol, an active ingredient derived from the hemp plant. It is possible to obtain also isolates from other cannabinoids like CBG isolate. CBD Isolate is less effective than full spectrum CBD extracts, but is a perfect solution for countries with no THC policy regarding CBD products.


It is important to know the difference between the concentration of the active substances and the concentration of cannabinoids in the extract of which cannabinoid profile can vary greatly. Given that there are still many newcomers buyers and they do not know exactly what they are buying, often they like to settle down with such marketing tricks. It is advisable to check the content of the active ingredients (CBD, THC,..). Always choose a supplier with registered CBD products that can offer consistency and request independent certificates of analysis for cannabinoids preferably using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).


If you want to buy CBD at competitive prices and have tailored business conditions depending on the CBD regulation and general situation regarding CBD in your country, we can offer our CBD partners several types of collaboration.

  • CBD online business
  • Physical CBD shop
  • CBD Dropshipping
  • Affiliate CBD program collaboration
  • White label CBD oil or private label CBD oil and other CBD products
  • Bulk CBD
  • Lab – Cannabinoid analysis service


If you want to start selling quality EU certified CBD products in no time in your CBD shop or offer CBD products on your CBD online business our CBD wholesale program offers you wholesale prices for a wide range of hemp products under our brand – Hempika. Our wholesale portal offers competitive prices for big retailers and custom-tailored CBD products offers for smaller retailers.

For all our new partners: we offer consulting service regarding the introduction of CBD products in a local business as a physical CBD shop or an online CBD store. We will try to answer all your questions regarding the CBD industry and do our best to advise you how to start a CBD business in the quickest and most efficient way, but most importantly – be compliant with all laws and regulations. For already established CBD shops we can offer guidance in order to overcome the new legal challenges and introduce new CBD products depending on the market needs.

Enter our network of sellers, register a CBD WHOLESALE account today and be part of our success story. We designed our wholesale portal in order to facilitate and speed up the buying process of Hempika branded CBD products, white label CBD products, CBD products in bulk and to offer the CBD dropshipping program and CBD affiliate program


Would you like to sell products under your own brand name? Register your CBD PRIVATE LABEL account below and start selling CBD oil or countless other CBD products under your own brand in no time. You can choose from various CBD products, from drops, pastes, isolates, ointments, e-fluids and other innovative products, etc. Labels and other packaging materials can also be provided to you by giving you more time for branding, marketing, and sales.


For CBD partners that want to go big and get the best prices for CBD in various forms we can also supply raw CBD oil, extracts and other materials in BULK. Furthermore we can prepare custom formulations and products or offer you semi-finished CBD products in bulk or CBD raw material.

For more information, please contact us at wholesale@hempika.com.

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  1. Aklilu says:

    Is it legal to sell hemp plant in Europe. If possible we are willing to engage on such good agriculture business…

    • Hempika says:

      Hi! Yes, it is legal to sell hemp in Europe, although you’ll probably need the appropriate paperwork. If you are interested in selling our products or products under your own brand, feel free to contact us and we will help you start selling it as soon as possible.

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